Our resources offer comprehensive information and advice about development and education for people with Down syndrome. They include books, ebooks, films, teaching resources, apps and web sites.

"Keep doing [See and Learn resources] - they have given me a real hope for my daughter's ability to speak and read in the future. You have been the best resource I have ever discovered" (Parent)

Down Syndrome Issues and Information book cover Down Syndrome Issues and Information book cover Down Syndrome Issues and Information book cover

"I really can't express strongly enough what a godsend this series has been. There is so much to think about and they have been so stimulating, and helpful in finding new ways to approach things. Thank goodness there is such a body of knowledge and expertise to draw on - thank you!" (Learning Support Assistant, UK)

See and Learn teaching materials and apps

See and Learn is a range of early teaching activities promoting speech, language and reading, number and memory development (under development), complete with step-by-step guidance, record keeping checklists and teaching materials.

A Reading and Language Intervention for Children with Down Syndrome (RLI)

RLI is an evidence-based teaching programme designed for children with Down syndrome aged 5 to 11 years. RLI was evaluated in a randomized controlled trial and found to improve average rates of progress compared to ordinary teaching.

Down Syndrome Issues and Information

Our Down Syndrome Issues and Information books offer comprehensive information about development, education and adult living for people with Down syndrome.

Most are now out of print, but are available as PDF ebooks from our online stores.

We are working on new editions and expect to publish these as books and ebooks in early 2017.


Our films offer practical guidance to support effective early intervention and education for children with Down syndrome. They include Activities for babies with Down syndrome, Speech and language activities for preschool children with Down syndrome and Inclusion in practice - Educating children with Down syndrome at primary schools.

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Books, ebooks and teaching materials

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DSE works to improve education and early intervention for children with Down syndrome. Our research and evidence-based services and resources are helping thousands of young people with Down syndrome to achieve more than ever before.

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