Support and training

Support and training are available from DSE for educators using the Reading and Language Intervention for Children with Down Syndrome (RLI).

Free online presentation introducing RLI

We offer a free online presentation providing an introduction to the design, development and evaluation of RLI.

Online training course - Implementing the Reading and Language Intervention for Children with Down Syndrome (RLI)

Our online training course is designed to supplement the RLI handbook to help schools get started implementing the intervention. The course includes 6 modules, each of which includes a video presentation, handouts and an assessment. The video presentations can be viewed, handouts downloaded and assessments completed at any time. In addition, course participants are invited to join an online discussion forum with DSE tutors for the opportunity to ask questions and seek additional advice. Course participants should plan to spend a minimum of 12 hours studying to complete the course and assessments.

Accredited trainers

A number of accredited trainers are available to support schools in various locations in the UK, Ireland and the US. Please contact us for further information.

Further information

For further information, please select from the following:

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