Support and training

In addition to the Teacher's Handbook, DSE is offering a number of support and training options for educators using the new Reading and Language Intervention for Children with Down Syndrome (RLI). These include an email discussion forum, online events and courses, and training and consulting services.

The Teacher's Handbook offers the information, assessment tools and example teaching resources needed to use the RLI teaching program. However, some educators and families may be want further information and additional assistance. DSE is therefore offering a range of support and training options. We are also developing new services to better support effective reading and language teaching for children with Down syndrome in the future.

Email discussion list

An email discussion list is available for parents and educators seeking information or advice about RLI and to share tips and experiences.

To subscribe to the DS-RLI discussion list, please complete this online form or email with "subscribe DS-RLI" in the body of the message (without quotation marks).

Online information events

We are hosting a series of online information events explaining what RLI is, what it offers, who it may be suitable for and how it was evaluated. To find out more about the event and available dates and times, and to book, please visit the event page.

Online training sessions and courses

We will be launching online training sessions and courses for educators using RLI in early 2013. Please sign up for our emails or follow our announcements on Twitter or Facebook or on our news feed to receive announcements.

Training and consulting services

DSE offers training and consulting services around the world. We are able to provide DSE staff and other accredited trainers to offer a variety of specialist training and consulting services to schools, school districts and education authorities, support groups and charities, and local and national governmental organizations. As well as delivering services in person, we are able to deliver training and consulting services via video conferencing and online meetings. To find out more, please contact Down Syndrome Education Enterprises CIC or Down Syndrome Education USA.

Future developments

DSE is developing training courses to help others provide direct training and support to teachers and teaching assistants and individual children in their locality. We plan to launch these courses and offer accreditation in 2013. Please sign up for our emails or follow our announcements on Twitter or Facebook or on our news feed to receive announcements.

Further information

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